• Infused with Acai Berry
  • All natural & Organic
  • Proven weightloss supplement
  • Launching Mid April 2014

About Kleän Tea

Kleän Tea is an all natural and organic tea supplement to help with weight loss, digestion and internal health & wellbeing. With no artificial additives, we help our customers (Kleän Krew) achieve their health goals in a natural, safe, healthy and delicious way.

Lose Weight

Kleän Tea suppresses your appetite, speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose the unwanted pounds and tone up.

Feel Better

Kleän Tea helps to reduce unwanted bloating and after meals, thus helping you feel better and lighter.


Kleän Tea helps reduce built up waste and toxins in the body, helping you lose weight, giving you more energy and improving your skin's appearance.

Achieve Your Goals

Kleän Tea drinkers often see 1-3kg weight losses in their first week. Join the Kleän Krew and take us with you on your journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Kleän Tea?

Kleän Tea is a herbal tea supplement to aid in weight loss, and digestive health. Coupled with exercise and a healthy, balanced diet, Kleän Tea helps to suppress appetite, reduce bloating & gas, activate your digestive system while increasing your energy levels.

Is Kleän Tea a diet?

No Kleän Tea is not a diet. It is a supplement to add to your already healthy lifestyle. It is not a miracle cure, but a great way to enhance your health and help you on your way to achieving your dietary goals. Whether you want lose 1kg or 10kg, whether you just want to feel better after eating or even just have more energy throughout the day, Kleän Tea can help you on your journey.

Does Kleän Tea contain caffeine or added preservatives?

Kleän Tea is all natural and organic. While it does contain caffeine usually found in green & black teas we do not add any caffeine or 'fat burning' preservatives found in other weight loss supplements. Kleän Tea simply uses herbs to naturally help with digestion and speed up your metabolism.

How much weight will I lose?

Body types differ and react in different ways to different ingredients and activity. Kleän Tea promotes digestive & metabolic health. Used with exercise and/or a clean, healthy diet, Kleän Tea drinkers have seen up to 3kg losses within a week. For those not looking for dramatic weight loss, Kleän Tea also assists in keeping your energy levels up during the day, improves your skin as well as helping you get a better nights sleep.

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